Thursday, September 19, 2019


Taking a look at a great bike trail area we wanted to engage viewers on the Bear Claw Poppy trail system.  We found a great video and information online at including a POV video that really says it all.  Their site has a great detail of elevations, trial map and details worth reviewing before you ride.

Known as a beginner trail in Saint George still going to be an experience for riders of every skill level. It's like a roller coaster in the desert. There are some difficult areas and are clearly marked as such.

Why the name 'Bearclaw Poppy'

This trail gets its name from a very rare flower that occurs in this area. The Bearclaw Poppy only blooms briefly in the spring and then disappears. 
According to the State of Utah wild life people: 

"Dwarf bearclaw-poppy, Arctomecon humilis, is a Federally listed endangered plant that is a narrow endemic to (occurs only in) Washington County, Utah. A member of the poppy family, this species is a perennial herb that produces abundant white flowers. The flowers bloom from mid-April through May, and are quite showy next to the red soils in which the plant grows. Dwarf bearclaw-poppy is found on gypsiferous clay soils derived from the Moenkopi Formation. It occurs on rolling low hills and ridge tops, often on barren, open sites in warm desert shrub communities, at elevations ranging from 700 to 1402 meters. The species' habitat is in an area of rapid population growth, and the low barren hills on which the dwarf bearclaw-poppy grows are impacted by development and off-road vehicle use."
So tread lightly while enjoying this trail system and vistas.
Suggested place to stay to enjoy this trail experience:
We've named one of our PET FRIENDLY units after this trail and you can enter one point of the system about 2 blocks west and ride right from the property.  Check out and reserve a stay at our BEAR CLAW unit - 2 bedroom fully updated and has pick storage options.  Depending on the season, rates start around $89/night

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