Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Owens Loop trail is a spectacular hiking trail that takes you up above the gorgeous city of St. George Utah. This trail is very easy, so the whole family can join in! You start off the hike by going to Brooks Nature park, where you'll find a stunning view of a small pond surrounded by gorgeous green plants, you might even see the ducks that hang around. This pond is great to relax, or even fish at before or after the short hike. Just beyond the pond you can follow the trail that takes you through a small canyon first, and up the mountain some. From there you'll have amazing views of all the surrounding red rocks, and the city of St.George. Owens Loop trail can be as long or as short of a hike as you'd like it to be, you can stop at anytime and be amazed and fulfilled with the views, or you can push on and see what else there is to see and explore. Come vacation here in Southern Utah and see where adventure takes you, and start by exploring this awesome hike!

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